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Christmas Decoration Ideas for City Dwellers

You know we’re getting close to Christmas when the local shopping centres start bringing out the oversized Christmas trees and hanging gold ornaments. Along with the present-buying and card-sending comes the festive decorations around the home, and with the huge number of apartments in development at the moment, I thought it fitting to dedicate this post to little ideas on how to decorate your inner-city dwelling for the up-coming festive period.

Although Christmas is such a lovely time of the year, you don’t have to go over-the-top with the decorations, especially if you live in a small space – keeping it pared back and simple will always look more elegant and sophisticated. For a really luxe look that won’t take up too much space is to decorate something like the ultra chic Coco Republic Sinclair Round Bar Table with a stunning candlesticks and festive greenery amongst a display of your finest liqueur – it’ll look amazing and your guests will be so impressed!

Seeing as we’re all about the outdoors in Australia, why not extend the Christmas decorations to your balcony or backyard – just ensure that your outdoor furniture is in tip-top shape. Add an Australian touch to your outdoor dining table with some Australian native flowers and greenery highlighted with scattered candles and lanterns (the more the better).

The last thing to remember is to fill your home with a scent that reminds you of the festive season: whether it’s the smell of the ocean or the sweet spiciness of gingerbread, remember that the sense of smell is just as important as everything else!

Max Sparrow

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