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A Compact Christmas: Decorating a Small Space

With Christmas just around the corner, the count down is on for adding the final decorative touches to your home.  If you’re one of the growing number of people living in a small inner city apartment, every inch of space will be in high demand so festive accessories will need to be kept minimal.  

The biggest offender for swallowing up valuable floor space is the traditional Christmas tree, but there’s no need to miss out entirely. There are so many great ideas for alternative Christmas trees flooding the design magazines and blogs at the moment, it’s so easy to take inspiration and create your own ‘tree’ on any wall in (or out) of the house.

A removable tree shape of any size can be created from branches, floral, chalk, wall decals, washi tape, coloured string and even cleverly placed artworks.  Decorate with your collection of baubles and string of lights, place your presents at the base, and voila!  You may just have the best tree on the block.

Merry Christmas!

Alexandra D