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The Art Of Coffee Table Styling

Coffee table styling is one of my favourite parts of finishing an interior project. It’s not a daunting process for those who are not a savvy stylist so let me share with you a few tips and three easy to replicate ways to style a coffee table.

Consider scale; the size of table and its surroundings. Larger coffee tables and living spaces lend themselves better to larger items and more stacks. Think three or four piles of books dressed with your favourite candle, knickknacks and a nice vase with floral to add some height.

Books, a tray, coasters and maybe a beautiful ornament that you’ve picked up on your travels can all assist with creating layers on your table which can create a sense of interest. Similar textures can look flat so if you’re finding you’re lacking contrast try mixing materials such concrete, glass and stone.

Remember that styling is a way express your personality, which serves as a perfect foundation for finding the theme for your coffee table. Coastal or contemporary, Scandinavian or eclectic, when you have a strong idea of the direction you want to take your styling it will help you find the right pieces to put on show.

Here are three of my favourite ways to style a coffee table

Three’s A Company

Beautiful lifestyle coffee table books are at the core of this styling mode. Divide your rectangle coffee table into three zones. On one third, place a large stack of hardcover books or two. In the middle, you might want to add an ornament and in the last zone, add a cluster of vases at three different heights.

The Versatile Tray

Trays allow you to beautifully make a statement on a coffee table surface. A marble option has always been my favourite. Cluster vases, boxes, candles or small ornaments with a mix of heights. A tray is brilliant at making a collection of pieces look purposefully put together (the best way to go if you’re a little unsure how to style).

The Bloom Addiction

You can never go wrong with fresh blooms and I’ve seen coffee tables presented perfectly with short and even tall arrangements. Again, the trick is layering with different heights. For example a tri-cluster in the middle of a round table with a short vase of single type of floral, candle and short stack of coasters. Alternatively you could simply put a tall arrangement as a statement.

Sarah Muir

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