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Contemporary x vintage

Mixing the contemporary with the vintage is an art. A modern interior with vintage accents showcases character and personality.

Think clean contemporary lines and sleek Scandinavian styling contrasted with treasured antiques and collected curiosities that tell a story. I love hearing the family tales of pieces passed through generations, like memories frozen in time.

Add key pieces which connect the past and present in your home. Style vintage throws on a contemporary sofa or add antique décor accents to a crisp white kitchen. Create interest with your grandparents wall clock or add an old light fixture for a conversation starter.

I was recently passed down a beautiful ornate mirror from my grandmother that needed a lot of love. With a rusted gold frame after spending a year in storage, I decided to sand it back and give it new life with a few coats of black spraypaint. A mirror that previously hung in her foyer, now hangs in mine and blends beautifully with my contemporary living space.

The styling opportunities are endless for a sanctuary that exudes individuality. See below for inspiration on blending the old with the new in your home…

Caitlan N

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