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Punchy Colour: An Artist’s Home

Artist and former band member of Sneaky Sound System, Daimon Downey, inspires me on so many levels – his style, his music, his art and now his home!

I always say that your home should be an honest reflection of you and contain all the things that you want to be surrounded by. On this philosophy, Daimon Downey’s place is the perfect example. His free-spirited, eccentric space is full of energy and curiosities that can’t help but intrigue.

Almost everything in Daimon’s home is significant and has personal meaning, from a kangaroo figurine he has kept since childhood to a rug crocheted by his Mum (Homelife).  My personal favourites is the black and white hand painted Eames chair in his art studio, the inviting billowy Arflex leather armchair and the vibrant red pressed tin in the kitchen.  Pops of red and aqua are splashed throughout the home, sporadically linking the rooms with colour consistencies.

Injected with life, personality and loaded with punchy colour, here is a sneaky (pun intended) peak into the home of Daimon Downey.

Photography Felix Forest Styling Jason Grant

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