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Dark, Moody & Minimal

Being a self-diagnosed design geek, inspiration comes from anywhere. This week, as I was gathering clippings from the latest Belle and Vogue Living Magazines I came across one of my most favourite interior design schemes which has mad an everlasting footprint on the 2015 design world. Don’t worry, I am not going to direct you towards a trendy design aesthetic that will be outdated in a matter of months. Moreover, one you can add to and appreciate for years to come.

The design scheme that I am referring to is moody minimal, a paired down design aesthetic that focuses on detail, ambience and indulgence. When designing for a moody minimalistic interior aesthetic, opt for furnishings and fixtures that make a bold statement. For this scheme, you can splurge on a couple of key items for your space to achieve that impact your space deserves.

Not only do you take furnishings and fixtures into consideration, the use of shape, colour and texture are key elements to keep in mind to evoke a visually spacious environment full of interior depth and warmth.

This is one of the tricks many people get wrong. When they think of minimal they immediately visualize a paired back white room. So remember, the best minimal interior spaces are inviting and warm. We are going for clean, not cold.

The use of materiality within the space is another key factor for moody minimalism. Timber and stone are my top pick. Not only do they evoke a sense of warmth within the space, they are visually pleasing to the eye and will seamlessly blend into the surrounding elements within the space.  Whether it is for a wall treatment, floor covering or through the use of accessories- they bring a natural element to a contemporary minimal design. The wall treatment is particularly important when designing for this particular aesthetic. Walls painted in a dark tone are an obvious choice for creating a moody, minimal interior. Navy, indigo and charcoal shades are my go to colours when styling for a moody minimal interior. Not only do they give a sense of mystery and luxe, they are still warm and inviting tones.

Contrastingly, lighter walls with dark woodwork accents work extremely well together and can also achieve this aesthetic as well. This scheme would work perfectly if you have a small space with limited natural light.

Caitlan N

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