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David Shrigley Design’s Sketch – London

UK artist David Shrigley is no stranger to whimsy, so it came without surprise that his take over of esteemed gallery-come-restaurant space Sketch was realised with such an amusing aesthetic.  239 of his framed new works adorned the dining space – his largest exhibition to date – with a selection of bespoke table china branded with tongue-in-cheek slogans about life and death.

What was surprising though, was the colour palette; a vivacious, bubbly pink enrobed every inch of the interior from the ceiling to the walls and the velveteen shell back armchairs that would, without doubt, have even the most cynical diner grinning from ear to ear.  It was that and the comedic nod to the 1930’s – the cushioned booths, the bright, sleek brass detailing, the dizzy geometric rainbow that is the marbled floor – that had David Shrigley’s Sketch doused in old Hollywood glamour.

Thank you to the hand of Paris-based architect and designer India Mahdavi, Shrigley’s collaborative effort with Sketch has tickled the inspirational guts of us all. In a watered down tribute to the venue, try including flushes of pink in living room upholstery with throws and cushions to spruce up an otherwise monochromatic lounge set.  For the brazen, a rose-hued feature wall can liven up traditional white rooms without enclosing the space too dramatically. When it comes to toning down the tartiness of old-Hollywood, eclecticism is key; a less is more approach to blending vintage and modern pieces in the vein of Mahdavi means choosing one or two really strong stand out pieces like a retro chaise lounge and letting them feature.

Whether your take on fanciful pink glamour is as encompassing as Shrigley and Mahdavi’s or a little more subdued, there is no denying the humour that resonates at its core. Not all décor has to be deadly serious and an accent of pink here and there will do wonders for reminding us all to take things in life with a grain of salt – especially that which comes from ceramic vessels sketched by the witty hand of Shrigley himself.


Beth F

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