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Rustic Luxury At Daylesford Organic

‘Going organic’ has become a popular trend within the food scene. Think garden grown ingredients, sustainable farming and a focus on local artisans. Casual city dining has seen an influx of stores and cafes catering to the growing demand, mixing naturally inspired menus with super cool interiors.

Daylesford Organic throughout London ticks all these boxes. With organic ingredients sourced direct from their farm (originally established by Carole Bamford), the cafe and grocer is almost self sufficient.

The interior design manages to combine rustic style with upmarket presence. With eco-chic edge, marble features heavily throughout offering a sense of space and luxury. Paired with whitewash light timbers, the greenery inside pops against the neutral palette.

Daylesford Organic offers social dining with long communal tables in the cafe space and contemporary minimalism draws a clean line of sight to the farmshop and organic grocer. For a similar look at home, try the Timothy Oulton Junction Dining Table from Coco Republic.

You’ll find a delicate homewares section in the upper level, offering gorgeous ceramics and giftware. The lighting in this space is soft and comforting, with every filtered beam highlighting woven baskets and driftwood mirrors, creating beautiful vignettes in every corner of the room. The lower level of the establishment is dedicated to the refined and aromatic wines from a sister estate, Château de Léoube in Provence, bringing a touch of France’s south-eastern charm.

And whilst the organic cafe meets grocer concept is truly global, Daylesford Organic is a definite must-see next time you’re in London. The flagship store is located in Pimlico and others are amongst Notting Hill, Gloucestershire and Marylebone, plus a store in Tokyo’s Shibuya district.

Max Sparrow

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