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Design Field Notes

Design Field Notes

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Five Minutes With Dean Boone On Outdoor Design

Sydney interior and landscape designer Dean Boone of Distinctive Living Design has a wealth of experience in creating inspirational, functional and aesthetically beautiful outdoor spaces. 

As an educator at the Coco Republic Design School, Dean teaches Masterclass Plan An Inspired Space and Masterclass Styling The Outdoor Room in Sydney. I caught up with him to talk all things outdoors.

What is the most common misconception about the outdoor room? 

The most common misconception for the outdoor room is that you can’t design, furnish and embellish this space with equal importance to any interior room.

Why is it important to put together a mood board when designing a space?

A mood board becomes your touch stone, your guide, to remind and reinforce to you the design style and direction you are headed in – without it you will lack clarity and the ability to edit your design with confidence. 

What is the value of layering in an external space to achieve design success?

Layering in an external space adds depth and character, creating a mood and creating detail. The end goal is to create space in which you are welcomed and feel comfortable. Layering creates the space,  within a space.

What would be your number one tip to add value to a property’s exterior?

Design and create  an outdoor space with as much reverence and detail as you do your interior. As Australians the outdoor room is a key living space, and yet most people undervalue and underrate this when considering their own design project. Design, style and dress your outdoor space to have a clearly defined personality and make it THE destination for entertaining in your home……that will add value to your property.

The next outdoor focused masterclass is Plan An Inspired Outdoor Space on April 30th in Sydney. Limited places are available and I thoroughly encourage you to enrol if you are looking to update your exterior spaces, want to expand upon your interiors skillset or simply have a love of design.

Dean will be on hand to answer any question and guide you through practical theory and insights to discover how to create brilliant outdoor spaces time and time again. This is the perfect masterclass to do solo or get a group of friends together for a fantastic day. A delicious lunch is also provided from L’Americano Espresso Bar.

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