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Decluttering: Simplify Your Home

There comes a time at the beginning of each year where everyone thinks to themselves that it’s time to declutter their home for a fresh start to their new year. Although a seemingly overwhelming task, there is a method to the madness. With minimalism being on trend, it’s never been a better (or more trendy) time to give your home a refresh.

Start off with smaller things and spaces, décor, cupboard contents etc. and avoid tackling the house as a whole. Try putting away some accessories to minimise clutter and grouping décor pieces in an accent tray such as the Pink Onyx Tray to give the items a more tailored look.

Utilise storage pieces big and small around the home. A buffet in the dining room is perfect to hold non-essential items, freeing up room in the kitchen cupboards and drawers. Something streamlined and not over complicated in design will do better at simplifying the space. See the Farren Sideboard for inspiration. Adding a blanket box or storage ottoman at the end of the bed is a great way to keep strewn scatter cushions and blankets astray in the bedroom.

Think multi-functional pieces such as a coffee table with inbuilt storage. Which serves the obvious purpose for a living space, but can keep things like magazines and remote controls out of sight when not in use. A perfect example would be the Hermitage Coffee Table, which is practical yet doesn’t compromise on style.

Decluttering usually means a lot of throwing away. My biggest tip is to invest in key items where and when you can, taking into account their functionality and suitability for the space. It’s become easy and convenient to succumb to fast fashion of the furniture world by purchasing short term solution pieces, but if you can pour more effort into the thought process surrounding purposeful pieces, your future clutter-less self will thank you.

Jessica T

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