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Lighting 101; The Decorating Do’s

Lighting is one of those critical aspects to get right when redesigning a space or renovating. Hardwired fixtures such as pendants and chandeliers are not simple to change if you make an error. The same can be said for redecorating with a refresh to table and floor lamps, when investing the money in beautiful pieces.

From spectacular wall sconces to dramatic pendant lights, lighting can be the pinnacle element of an interior space. My recommendation is to ask the experts – seek out an interior decorator or designer or ask a design consultant in store for their advice armed with pictures of your space.

Pictured: Timothy Oulton Wheel Pendant in this interior by Coco Republic Interior Design.

And… Here are some of my essential tips to light up your home’s interior for dramatic effect.

Not many people have the luxury of sky-high ceilings or fabulous voids, so if your home does incorporate these architectural details then please do make a feature out of them. Nothing screams luxury more than a bold feature light suspended in an entrance or staircase, and I think something like the Timothy Oulton Crystal Chandelier is a classic. If you have a really high ceiling and large open void, try two of these staggered – one lower than the other – for a cluster feature and a show-stopping first impression. Alternatively, traditional style chandeliers in the bedroom are making a comeback for a timeless look.

Pictured: Timothy Oulton Crystal Chandelier in this bedroom by Coco Republic Interior Design

A large chandelier or decorative pendant over the bath is a lovely way of adding a layer of luxury and romance to a bathroom setting. The addition of this soft, ambient lighting creates an element of warmth and comfort to the space.

Turn to stunning wall sconces for a dimly lit hallway or to add symmetry to either side of a sofa setting or bed. I love having them as bedside lighting, as they free-up crowded bedside tables and give off a luxurious boutique hotel feel. The Timothy Oulton Cross Glass Sconce is a favourite as pictured below.

Speaking of mood, remember to consider the appropriate type of bulb for each space – the last thing you want is to have bright blinding lights in a bedroom, and soft warm light in your kitchen. Turn to incandescent lights for a warmer look, and LED or halogen lights for something a bit brighter.

More inspiration from the Coco Republic lighting collection below…

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