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Design Detail: High Gloss Interiors

I recently came across a design detail that pre-empted the focus for this week’s blog post. I was on the hunt for colour inspiration when I came across a photo that depicted a reflective light off a glass coffee table onto the ceiling. It was the perfect idea for my space; painting the ceiling in a really dark room ‘high gloss’ to reflect the light back into the area.

With this printed at the forefront of my mind- I went on the hunt for inspiration and immediately fell in love. See below for my take on this ‘out of the box’ design scheme. There are a series of directions you can travel when implementing high gloss features in your home design.

Firstly, the degrees of sheen will be the first option discussed.  When designing for a high gloss ceiling, assess the space that it is going in. Is it a small or a larger room? Is there continuous filtered natural light in the space? These elements will determine the degree of sheen used; the higher the sheen the more reflective the surface will become, whereas if you are using a low sheen, it becomes less reflective, resulting in minimal glare. For an opened planned living space with filtered natural lighter I would opt for a low sheen option as there is a larger chance of glare within the space, where as if you are designing for a smaller space with a limited light source, use a higher gloss as it will produce a lot more light than originally in the space and it appear larger than what it really is.

The images I have corresponded with this blog depict these. I love how in some of them, how the reflective qualities of the sheen treatment diffuse the light and embrace and celebrates the imperfections of the ceiling. This would work particularly well in old traditional homes where the original detailing is still prominent. Painting the ceiling in an unusual colour will also give the room, depth, visual appeal and give it a sense of character. However, if you are opting for this solution, ensure that the adjacent wall are treated in a matte finish in a non competing colour. If you aren’t brave enough to treat your ceiling in a high gloss finish, perhaps try the flooring or any joinery items. Polished concrete is a great material that naturally emits a glare and lightness once polished. Refer to the corresponding images for more inspiration. Similarly, painting old floorboards in a reflective white will give a very fresh and inviting aesthetic.

Alternatively, have you joinery finished in a high gloss.  Floor to ceiling joinery would be perfect for this as it would elevate the space and give the room height.

Lastly, include warm lighting with in these spaces as opposed to cool lighting. Warm toned lighting will assist in the space feeling inviting and welcoming as opposed to cold and timid.

Caitlan N

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