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Designer Profile: Jessica Zoob

Often described as “Contemporary Impressionism”, the vibrant work of artist and designer Jessica Zoob is a lyrical interplay of coarse and fluid textures and a brilliant palette of layered colours. Having developed her own signature pastiche style, her work is a sophisticated blend of oils, acrylic, gesso and in some cases adhering glass, pearls, metal disks and jewels to a canvas. In her practice, Zoob takes a unique approach to the consumption of modern art by creating figurative works and allowing the purchaser to instil them with their own kind of meaning.

Her complex and intricate use of mixed media has resulted in splattered, layered, tactile explosions of colour; a wild embroidery of fantasy, dreams, storms and love affairs in paint on a canvas. Many of Zoob’s works are created by a process of building up and scraping back layers of paint, revealing a composite range of pigment that hints at a third dimension. She has even tried her hand at extending this practice to the realm of interiors, with sofas, stools, wallpaper and soft furnishings among the collections designed by Zoob in her emotive painterly technique.

When appropriating Zoob’s vivid approach to mixed media and pastiche in the home, try your best at DIY and re purpose an old sideboard or end table by sanding it back and covering it with spontaneous drips and smears of coloured paint.

Or, take a more subtle approach by blending textures in soft furnishings like Coco Republic’s Oly Pillows in mohair, faux giraffe, zebra and patent leather. You could even nod to Zoob’s vivacious colour palette and make a brightly hued woven rug the focal point of a room or apply wallpaper with an expressive patina. Whatever your approach, the energy in Jessica Zoob’s multifaceted body of work will have you infusing any space with flights of fancy and imagination.



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