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Design Field Notes

Design Field Notes

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Designing With Earthy Elements By Libby Robinson, Coco Republic Interior Design

Whether wood, water or stone; in cream, tan or chocolate; incorporating earthy design elements into your home is at once timeless – and grounding. Here are 10 tips to get the look, from Coco Republic’s senior interior design, Libby Robinson.

1. Get Layering

To achieve a natural/earthy aesthetic, layering different types of natural materials works well. Having variation in your materials you use can help to soften and definite each elements as different features. Importantly still ensuring a harmonious balance between colour and texture.

Pictured: The Mia Vase

2. The Shape Of Things

Shapes of furniture definitely play a huge part in designing a space with earthy characteristics. Typically, you would expect to see softer lines and curves rather than hard straight lines set into square set room plans.

Pictured: Fairfax Chair, Adele Curved Modular Sofa, Monaco Round Concrete Coffee Table & Maroc Jute Rug

3. Outdoor Connection

Ensuring your placement of furniture has a connection to the exterior elements of its setting. See that your room set is orientated around a nice view,  a window or even nice natural lighting within a space.

Pictured: Como Marble Dining Table, Phoenix Dining Chairs, Cleo Alabaster Pendant

4. Select Stone 

Stone can be incorporated into living areas in so many ways, from being used in flooring, feature walls, accent furniture like a coffee table or down to smaller details like décor. The key to using stone is to not over-do it so that it remains the ‘feature’.

Pictured: Gypsum Marble Coffee Table, Valentina Rug

5. Add Greenery

Although plants sit in a different colour way to the earthy palette they are an important element to finish of a space. Plants bring a multitude of things to any room such as life, texture, scale or potentially something as simple as filling an empty corner. No room is complete without an element of greenery whether that be small or large.

Pictured: Bungalow Chair, Maroc Jute Rug, Bruno Cylinder Planter 

6. Balance Colours

Pairing earthy tones together is somewhat easy as they all sit with the same ‘warm’ family. It’s important to decide the depth of colour you want (deep rich tones or pastille tones ) and work within that hue. Also ensuring there is a balance or contrast. i.e. natural linen sofa with coloured accent cushions or a rust sofa with neutral cushions.

Pictured: Homewares

7. The Big Picture

The style and colour of soft materials (rugs/upholstery) against hard materials (flooring and dining tables/coffee tables) needs to link without being repetitive. When designing your room think of all the layers and how they will work together to achieve the overall desired look. Typically starting with the largest component of a space which in a living room might be the sofa, moving on the rug, accent chairs, coffee and side tables, storage units, lighting, art work and then finally decorator items such as scatter cushions, throws & accessories. In order to achieve the perfect balance of colour and texture it’s important to think of the space in its entirety rather than going piece by piece.

Pictured: Adele Curved Modular Sofa, Anchorage Concrete Coffee Table, Vintage Overdye Rug

8. A Watery Touch

Can you bring water features indoors? This is a very subjective question of course you can however it’s not something I would personally recommend incorporating unless it was a specific request. Indoor water features would be best incorporated into a new build so that the plumbing can be accounted for properly.

Pictured: Newport Live Edge Dining Table, Avalon Dining Chairs

9. Textural Trimmings

Using texture in your rug is an easy way to soften a space , this might be with a natural jute rug or a woven wool rug. Both of these natural elements are very practical yet sit effortlessly within in a relaxed interior setting.

Pictured: Axelle Rug, Asha Round Coffee Table

10. Don’t Go Overboard

Whilst it’s nice to incorporate a variance of natural material, texture stone, timber, marble, wood, jute, linen, ensure you are not just using these materials for the sake of incorporating all natural elements. Or if you choose to use all of these be conscious of how much of each material is used and that there is a connection between all the selected martials – particularly with their placement.  e.g. if you have timber floors and a timber coffee or dining table consider their connection of these two surfaces and whether a rug or fabric dining chairs might be needed as a break between materials.

Pictured: Oregon Modular Sofa, Valentina Rug, Monaco Round Concrete Coffee Table, Tao Leather Floor Lamp

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