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Dining Room Ambience

Lighting can undoubtedly be a favourite element of design. Beautiful lights make a huge impact and whether it’s a contemporary kitchen nook or an elegant dining room, statement lighting can completely transform a space.

Family dinners, entertaining, meetings and homework can all take place in the dining room. Providing adequate lighting for all occasions can ensure functionality in more ways than one.

Consider the scene you want to create; the emotion you are looking for, what kind of lighting will complement your personal style and your home’s existing décor.

Decide whether you will need to light neighbouring walls and floors in addition to your dining table. If this is the case, you may want to look at some additional lighting pieces. Downlights and wall sconces can provide ambience and illumination. Try having these installed on separate switches so you can determine the luminescence based on the occasion. Always complement the style of surrounding lighting in a space to create harmony.

When it comes to sizing, you want to consider the proportions of your furniture and lighting choices. For large, long tables go for grander chandeliers or pendant clusters. For small or round tables, opt for singular pendant or petite ceiling light. In regards to ceiling and room space, wider pendants can help fill out a space and create another layer to the room. Generally, your pendant should be no lower than roughly 80cm above the tabletop. This height allows for light to spread across the table and not interfere with interaction, however, depending on your space you may find other heights work better. Style is subjective after all.

Ultimately, selecting the right lighting for your home will come down to your own personal taste and needs. If there is one tip an interior designer will give you, it is that you don’t have to follow trends.

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