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Divine Equine: Horse-inspired interiors

Equine style is no longer just reserved for the buxom ranches of Texas.  Whether brash and thematic or subtle and suggestive, the ways in which horses can liven up a space are endless.

Taking cue from sturdy bridlery, saddleback leather that cries for wide-open ranges (the more worn and distressed, the better) always makes for admirable soft furnishings.  Try borrowing tones like tobacco and mahogany from draft horse colourings to add warmth and depth to your living area.

To add interest, you can’t go past the shoe-clad, elongated legs of a equine-inspired side table, the poised spine of a lamp, the industrial buckles and tough metal finishings of inspired design pieces that take any objet d’art to an entirely elevated standard.

But if understated is your slant, there is much to gallop about too. Dedicating the focal point of a wall to abstract scenes of cantering palominos, or black and white vignettes of photographed grazing studs will pair back effortlessly with your current furnishing.

Even artist Ana Wili Highfield, has been enthralled by these noble creatures, creating quietly modern, minimalist paper sculptures of their robust profiles.

Giddy up, it’s time to embrace the equestrian (and your inner ranch hand) in both stables and interiors alike.