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The Dome Home by Timothy Oulton

The Dome Home by Timothy Oulton is a unique, energy-giving space located in the heart of southern China in Gaoming.

I’ve had the privilege of visiting Timothy Oulton’s headquarters for Boarding School – Tim’s twist on a training program. And with that visit, was able to see the amazing dome for myself.

Completed last September, The Dome Home was created for the brand’s designers to interact in inspirational and comfortable surroundings, nestled unobtrusively in the middle of a beautiful lychee garden.

Pushing the boundaries of innovation, the solid timber construction is a feat of incredible craftsmanship and the culmination of years of meticulous planning by a team willing to take on such a daring challenge.

As Timothy Oulton explains; “We wanted to create something beautiful, unusual, thought-out – doing it in our own way.”

The shell is completely self-supporting, free from columns or pillars and the whole structure has been created using FSC – certified timber – and is built to German Passive House standards, the highest in the world. It is an ultra – low energy building with triple glazing on the windows and doors which have been imported from Europe.

The interior has been meticulously thought out. The curved lines of the specially customised furniture echo the rounded dome of the building, with the aim of allowing ideas in the mind to float around without obstruction. The Timothy Oulton Shabby Sofa has been reinvented with soft curves and the stainless steel and marble kitchen has been designed to hug the curved wall. The Timothy Oulton Crossfire Dining Chairs, which sit around the custom-made round marble table, are upholstered in Timothy Oulton Baa Baa sheep’s wool for a sumptuous texture. There is an inviting, laid-back and cosy vibe to the room in which people can really relax and socialise.

The essence of the Dome Home is really about people. To create this imaginative space where designers can actually get together and interact is something very special. Timothy Oulton understands how important the environment is to a designer because being in a relaxed ambience liberates the imagination and allows ideas to emerge.



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