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Dream Space: Natural Curiosities’ LA Art Studio

Talk about #officegoals.  As Coco Republic launches it’s exclusive new art program with Natural Curiosities, Field Notes delves into the light-filled warehouse where all the magic happens.

Natural Curiosities is the brain-child of artist and antiquarian Christopher Wilcox, who is a collector and creator like no other.  The lifestyle brand produces over 800 artworks in their collection, each one a unique inspiration; hand-crafted and made to order.

The Natural Curiosities team – a mishmash of highly skilled screen-printers, painters, photographers – are all housed together in a converted warehouse space, in Echo Park Los Angeles.  The studio combines art gallery style displays of the company’s own creations, with endless collections of curiosities and oddities from flea markets and travels around the world.  There are sculptural lights hanging from the high ceilings, and plenty of natural daylight flooding in.

The studio also houses silk screen-printing facilities, work desks where gold leaf is applied by hand, and an in-house photography studio.  Everything is created in-house, where mistakes are allowed to be made and artists are allowed to explore their ideas, unlimited.

“I choose an old recreation building as our workspace.”  comments Christopher Wilcox, to Refinery29. “Therefore, there’s 80 years of people having a good time. And, that’s what we feed on. It’s a multi-creative thinking energy.”

The combination is a wonderland of creativity, where work and play meet.

Explore the Natural Curiosities collection, at Coco Republic.



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