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Dreaming of qualia; Hamilton Island

Now that the mornings are blistering cold and the nights frosty, my mind has been wandering off in search of warmer climates.

Next on my wish list is qualia resort (pronounced kwah-lee-ah) on Hamilton Island in the Whitsundays group off Queensland.

The resort, located on a secluded tip of Hamilton Island is surrounded by the Great Barrier Reef.  The luxury resort’s vast aspect and mesmerising calmness make for the most of a relaxing holiday, which is just as well as its Latin-derived name means “a collection of deeper sensory experiences.”

The resort’s island-inspired design has used timbers, sandstone and glass with stunning effects.  The varied textures frame the surrounding landscape of eucalypts and the Coral Sea.  The result is a subtly elegant, yet instinctively Australian luxury resort.

The resort offers 60 individually designed pavilions, some with the added extravagance of a private infinity pool overlooking the horizon.  The mesmerizing sunset view from your private deck is a life-long memory that will get you through the remainder of winter.

Resort owner and builder Bob Oatley had his Whitsundays’ architect, Chris Beckingham, create a lyrical world of relaxation at qualia promising privacy and celebrating all the Whitsundays coastal environment has to offer.  The use of unadorned local timber and stone surrounds every villa and matches the expansive sea vistas, landscaped Australian bushland and tropical palms.

If time doesn’t allow you to indulge in the luxury that is qualia, bring the luxury to your home by incorporating the following Coco Republic pieces into your space:


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