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Duck and Rice, London

On a recent work trip to London, I couldn’t resist the allure of Soho; a destination in itself that draws flocks of tourists and locals alike with a vibrant nightlife and the trendiest of restaurants. One such restaurant is none other than the three-month-old Duck and Rice – a chic Chinese gastropub if there ever was such a thing, where China’s vibrancy meets Victorian charm.

There’s no chance you could walk past the Duck and Rice without wanting to take a look inside. I know from experience! The stunningly intricate geometric patterned glass façade is enough to drool over, enticing passersby to enter the glamorous establishment. You can thank me after feasting on head chef Alan Yau’s contemporary take on Chinese food with a cold glass of Pilsner Urquell.

Did I mention that the beer is imported each week from the Czech Republic? Like a beautiful art installation and perhaps homage to the site’s heritage, four giant copper tanks store the beer, creating the greatest wow-factor featured just inside the entrance on the ground floor. The copper tanks and marble bar on the ground floor highlight a contemporary pub feel, beautifully juxtaposing the Ming Dynasty-inspired blue and white floral patterned ceramic tiling.

A theatrical cast-iron spiral staircase connects the pub to the restaurant upstairs, where bespoke dining tables and banquettes emphasise the Victorian aesthetic with traditional marble tabletops, oak details, and brass bases.

The mastermind behind the beautiful venue is Istanbul based design studio Autoban, whose passion for craftsmanship is undeniably evident.

To introduce this chic layered look into your home, take a look at my Manhattan Round Dark Oak Dining Table and corresponding Manhattan Dark Oak Dining Arm Chair. For the final touch, try adding my Adrienne Copper Table Lamps.

Max Sparrow

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