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Easton Pearson for Designer Rugs

On Tuesday night, Designer Rugs unveiled their new and exclusive collaboration with Australia’s iconic fashion designers Easton Pearson.  The striking collection features eight artisan rugs made from New Zealand Wool,Viscose and Silk.

I have long admired Easton Pearson’s eclectic, fearless use of colour and pattern.  Applied to an interior this aesthetic, it is a bold statement that commands attention.  This is not an interior that blends in or that is easily forgotten.  A rug such as this belongs to the world of the creative, the well traveled, the curator and the collector.

This second collaboration with Designer Rugs sees Easton Pearson build on their highly successful first range, elaborating more boldly on themes presented in their debut collection.

“With our second collection for Designer Rugs we have continued our exploration of the intricate hand drawn details of Chintz textiles. Our designs take chintz back to its original purpose as sophisticated floor coverings, but the macro focus on tiny fragments gives traditional design a new modern viewpoint.”

Easton Pearson continues to reference the exotic hybrid style of Indo-European chintz design.  Expressed in a sensual and exuberant colour palette, each rug in the collection adds luxurious warmth and depth to its surroundings.

See below a selection from the new COROMANDEL collection as well as a few of the designs from the first inspirational Easton Pearson and Designer Rugs collaboration.

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