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Electric Love: A Barcelona Restoration

My heart skipped a beat when I discovered this Barcelona apartment, the home of interior designer Cristina Ramos and her photographer husband Txema Yeste.  An eclectic success, this space is a real conversation starter, with it’s daring colour and style combinations.

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This restored home boldly preserves the original 20th century Barcelona architectural features, including the mouldings embellishing the walls and ceilings, and the decorative floors and doors.  These traditional design features, paired with an unexpected selection of furniture, objects and artworks, creates a home that is all together challenging, intriguing and filled with personality.

My favourite room is the lounge room – the warm yellows and blues perfectly compliment the earthy tones, wood finishes, and metal (chrome, brass and copper) accents.  The over-sized mustard yellow lounge chair screams casual comfort.  The photography is a real focus point in the room as well, as it cleverly brings the outside in and ties the whole space together.  Linking the space are pops of cobalt blue and animal print.  Neon signs double as artworks and affectionate reminders for the couple who live there.

A personal space oozing with individuality and character equals perfection in my books.  I believe an interior space should be all about surrounding yourself with the things you adore, creating a space that says “this is me!”

Inspired by this gorgeous home, I have re-created my own version using some of my fav Coco Republic pieces.  Enjoy!


coco-republic_fieldnotes_electric love post_text insert_lounge room


coco-republic_fieldnotes_electric love post_text insert_diningAND FOR THE BEDROOM:coco-republic_fieldnotes_electric love post_text insert_bedroom

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