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Embracing Winter in Style

The winter chill has well and truly set in, and with it brings an urge to update my home with anything furry, warm and snuggly.

My go-to this season?  An ethically sourced reindeer fur, to throw over a single occasional chair or over the end of my bed.  I absolutely love this look.  The long hair of the reindeer creates a luxe, warm feel in your space, while the soft natural grey colours blend with almost every setting and truly embrace the cool, grey palette of the weather outdoors.

Coco Republic will soon be stocking a small range of these furs for winter – each one sourced carefully from Sweden, as a bi-product of the food industry.  The exporting is heavily regulated, so you can be comfortable that your new fur is as carefully and ethically chosen as the leather on your couch or winter jacket.

Of course, you don’t need to go all out with something so exotic.  A long-haired sheep skin hide creates the same look, or a wool or cashmere throw. See below, my inspiration for winter style:

Beth F

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