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Creating A Sanctuary

Do you ever feel the need to retreat from technology and the stresses of every day life? Well this article is dedicated to the little nooks and small sanctuary spaces found in homes that will cure your need of escapism – think plush cushiony sofas and chairs, and fun inventive reading niches.

There’s something really comforting about being cocooned in a smaller space – it takes me back to cubby making days as a kid. I find that a reading nook gives me that same sort of feeling offering seclusion, comfort, and a sense of stillness. A beautiful built-in and recessed bench seat in front of a window would be an inspiring place to relax and read your favourite novel, or to simply gaze out towards your garden.

To add a luxurious aesthetic and softness to the space just add some plush cushions and perhaps a faux fur to curl into – after all, it’s almost impossible not to get carried away with a great read, so a comfortable surrounding should be a top priority.

If the architectural feat of having a recessed built-in nook is too excessive, then you can still achieve the cocoon-like feeling by turning the negative space beneath your stairs into a reading area. Do you have a favourite view from your home? Draw more attention towards it with a comfortable deep-seated chair or chaise lounge. Add a plush throw and an oversized floor lamp and you’ve created a little setting that you’ll be drawn to at the end of a busy day.



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