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Ethereal Elegance

By layering flowing textures, creating an alluring atmosphere and including charming furniture allows one to create an ethereal interior. The formality of these rooms represents a décor that is simple yet has a strong visual and sensory impact for those who encounter it. The interior space takes the individual to a time transcendent of reality, creating a retreat detached from the inhabitant’s day-to-day life.

This interior trend is a playful juxtaposition of maturity and innocence. With the persona of these spaces reminiscent of a distant memory or fairytale fantasy giving the room a sense of naivety and playfulness. The charming timelessness is evident through the carefully curated pieces that design a romantic and luxurious feel for the room.

Tranquility is created through the modulation of light and shadows, with these interiors avoiding the use of pure whites, instead introducing soft shades of ivory, beige and greys. These tones are flattering for the finishes and drapery to create an elusive and magical atmosphere. This neutral palette softens the metallic finishes of brushed gold and silvers, a combination creating elegance and delicacy.

Look no further than our exclusive Oly San Francisco range at Coco Republic for the successful application of this ethereal trend to start your own look. Drawing inspiration from the beauty of the natural world, the quality furniture pieces appropriate nature in its purest form. These transitional pieces freeze the physicality of natural forms making the ephemeral permanent, whilst still implying the continuation of movement and life in its absence. This allows for the engagement and internalisation of natural beauty into the comfort of ones home.

The grandeur nature of the pieces, particularly displayed through the chandeliers impressive detail is balanced through the use of playful wallpapers, delicate textured finishes and references to flora and fauna. The constructional purity and beauty captured in these furniture designs is an interesting juxtaposition with the natural worlds potential to be a sporadic and threatening force.

Grace Fernan

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