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Fat Noodle, Brisbane

Tucked away in the Treasury Casino Building in Brisbane’s CBD is a hidden Asian gem bursting with both colour and flavour. With the popularity and success of Fat Noodle in Sydney, celebrity chef Luke Nguyen has brought this Asian fine dining experience to Brisbane that, with the help of Luchetti Krelle design firm, is packed with fun and sophistication.

A large soft purple light sculpture – an abstract take on a mythical Chinese dragon – acts as a guide through a hallway to the entry and into the restaurant, where vibrant colours and aromas transport diners to a modern bustling hawkers market. Playful references to Chinese culture are dotted throughout the establishment: ceramic tiles with mah-jong symbols line a bar; a circular shelving unit acts as a Chinese lucky coin; and an artistic installation of bright orange chopsticks and metal woks suspend from the ceiling, not only adding colour, but also drawing the eye up to emphasize the grand scale of the historic building.

Food in the Asian culture is all about bringing people together, which is the clear influence for the layout of the restaurant’s dining spaces. A long communal table paired with blue upholstered dining chairs borders the bar, whilst bench seats and large circular 6-seater dining tables fill the outer margins of the restaurant. A red lattice partition divides the main dining space with an intimate private setting, beautifully lined with custom designed gold Chinoiserie-inspired wallpaper, creating a highly luxurious ambience.

Max Sparrow

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