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Finding Elysian: San Giorgio Mykonos

If you’ve ever been to the Greek Islands you’ll remember, *with a sigh of longing*, the unforgettable picturesque white-washed stone buildings set against the sparkling Aegean Sea, pink skies at sunset, late dinners, even later breakfasts…

Sound like heaven?  Just you wait; the hotel San Giorgio Mykonos, will be the feta to your filo pastry.  This perfectly paired-back bohemia, positioned on the rocky shores between Paradise Beach and Paraga, is a world of it’s own. 

The design scheme combines the best of traditional Greek design (think bright white interiors, natural fibers and finishes) with a twist of the contemporary.  Each room enhances light and captures the seaside breeze with soft, sheer window treatments. Soft edged stone and wood finishes adorn the bathrooms, round entrance-ways frame the main rooms and white wooden ceiling beams line each roof neatly.

But through it all, it’s the attention to design detail makes the hotel feel truly luxurious  – a crochet hammock by the pool, simply crafted wooden furniture, soft white linen upholstery, handwoven rugs, rosary beads, pressed silver mirrors, basket weave pendant lighting.

Now if that hasn’t left you booking the soonest flight to Athens, you can recreate this little slice of Elysian at Coco Republic;

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