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How To: Create A Gallery Wall

Creating a gallery wall is a design trend more and more people are embracing. A wall of artwork is an expressive and creative way to show personality; this is how you can create one:

If your room is a formal one, consider using artwork which is all the same size and framed in the same frame size and finish. Creating a design which also uses symmetry will create a calm and balanced feeling in the room.

If you have a large wall and want to create a statement, consider a symmetrical design in a square or rectangular shape. Use the height of the wall even including below eye level for added interest.

Space the artwork 5 or 10cm equally top and sides in grid fashion, depending upon the artwork’s scale and proportion.

If the room has a relaxed and casual feel, an eclectic design layout will work well. Use mixed frame finishes, mixed textures, sizes and styles. Include sculptural elements such as clocks and small mirrors to add additional visual interest. This type of gallery style works best in children’s rooms, teenage areas and family rooms.

Artwork can also be hung without symmetry; hang different shapes and finishes at varying heights. Start with a central piece then build around it, creating a unique shape.

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Joy Simonsen

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