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Dream Galley Kitchens

Galley kitchens, often associated with ships and airplanes, tend to be small yet highly efficient spaces that feature two rows of countertops and cabinetry, divided by a narrow walkway. Although perhaps not the typical ‘dream kitchen’ that many of us desire, a galley kitchen is the perfect design for restricted spaces. I love this style and think it offers so much for a home. With a few simple design decisions, you can turn your galley into a dream kitchen that all of your guests will envy.

Carefully consider the storage you plan on fitting into your galley kitchen. If you don’t mind displaying your collection of kitchenware, then I highly recommend replacing bulky (and encroaching) overhead cabinetry with beautiful open shelving. Gorgeous hardwood timber shelving looks great contrasted by dark flooring and crisp white walls.

If you love your storage, then perhaps try and go for more streamlined cabinetry – a sleek push-to-open system eliminates the need for bulky knobs and handles, giving the space a smooth and seamless look.

Because galley kitchen designs are quite basic, don’t hesitate to experiment with different materials and textures. One of my favourite design details is a lovely wood panelled ceiling, creating a stylistic component out of a feature that is usually left unconsidered. If you’re lucky enough to have a lot of windows in your galley area introduce a mirrored splashback to reflect the surrounding exterior and help open up the space, alternatively you can use the window itself as a splashback – what a beautiful view for all of those nights spent cooking!

Max Sparrow

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