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Gatsby: A Kaleidoscopic Carnival

There is much hype surrounding the opening of Baz Luhrman’s film adaptation of The Great Gatsby, and with it comes a new design trend – it’s time to revisit the roaring 20’s.  

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I was lucky enough to join the cast and crew for a preview screening and am happy to report I was not disappointed.  A particular highlight, for any designer, will be the flamboyant set design and interiors produced by Catherine Martin.   Art deco furnishings featured throughout including dark timbers, repeating geometric motifs, sparkling crystal chandeliers, shiny surfaces, billowing white sheers, luxurious silky curtains, an extravagant excess of white orchids and Catherine’s own, already popular range of highly Deco Rugs from Designer Rugs.  

These deco elements can be easily applied to create your own glamorous interior, by either going all out (following Baz’s lead below) or just by adding one or two features to liven up a tired space.

For me, author F. Scott Fitzgerald’s own words describe the set design and interiors best: a kaleidoscopic carnival.  This grand, lavish and over-the-top style is unique to Baz and Catherine.  Though the critics have been harsh, I think more credit is deserved as they have taken a risk, stepped away from the mainstream and successfully produced something new and original.  I think we can all be inspired by this and benefit from applying the same courage to our own interiors.

Below, I have selected my favourite Deco Rugs and pieces from Coco Republic, to kick start you on your Gatsby-inspired make-over…


Alexandra D