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Field Notes - Lisa Sherry

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Get the Look: Lisa Sherry's Casual Luxe

Interior Designer Lisa Sherry has been described as a pioneer of “Casual Luxe”; a design term used to describe tailored lifestyle-focused design concepts combined with beautifully crafted and unique furniture and accessories.  In Sherry’s case, a touch of the unexpected is always added.

In approaching the interior scheme of her own home, a once dilapidated home built in the 20’s in Carolina’s High Point, Sherry and her husband, Ron Royals, embarked on a full scale renovation challenge and the opportunity to create a comfortable home for their busy family – a sanctuary to house all that they loved.

Using textured neutral’s and whites at the core of her design, Sherry has created a luxurious, layered home oozing with personality.  Every detail has been considered – from the fabric finishes to the way the light falls in each room, to the little clusters of holiday trinkets arranged in family shrines on every surface.

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