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Design Field Notes

Design Field Notes

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Timothy Oulton’s Glazebrook House, UK

Devon is one of England’s most idyllic counties, known for its stunning countryside and relaxed pace of life. It is also hiding one of the most exciting, intriguing and unique boutique hotels to have recently opened. The hotel’s owners Mr and Mrs Hamman brought the property in November last year and engaged designer Timothy Oulton to provide the full design, product supply and installation services for a ground-up renovation, transforming Glazebrook House into a luxury boutique hotel.

It is now making a name for itself as “a magical escape, with stunning British revival décor, sumptuous handmade furnishings and beguiling vintage and retro curios.” With almost 900 quirky vintage surprises around every corner, there really is that feeling you have gone Down the Rabbit Hole and into this wonderful world of fantasy and escapism.

As Tim Oulton says ‘it’s more playful, it brings a smile to your mouth, it’s not too serious.” Nine creatively designed guest rooms are named after characters in the much-loved books, written by English author Lewis Carroll in 1865, which is also around the time the original farmhouse was first converted into the grander manor. Huge framed 19th century German playing cards appear in the Queen of Hearts bedroom, doll’s house wall-hangings feature in the Mad Hatter room and mesmerising marble floors give a 3-dimensional illusion in each bathroom. A restaurant, bar, wine tasting room, eat-in chef’s kitchen, library and fully equipped conference room have also been incorporated into the redesigned hotel, which opened in May this year. Guests have described it as ‘mind-blowing’ and ‘a unique experience’. One recent guest said; “Wow…where to start with this hotel? It is incredible! I have travelled and seen some amazing hotels but this is probably one of the best I’ve stayed in.” Looks like south Devon’s secret is now out.
 From conception to completion, watch the video here.

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