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Gracia Studio Architects

‘Award Winning, Unique Design’. This architects motto is certainly true.

Senior Architect Jorges Gracia heads up his namesake architecture studio founded in 2004 working on projects that are challenging and on budget briefs.

His work includes Vinacola Encuentro Guadalupe (hotel), Encuentro Guadalupe (hotel), Liverpool Playa Del Carmen (shopping centre) plus many other residential interior projects. I mostly enjoy his wonderful residential interiors projects where he finishes his homes with great detail all the way down to the furniture – sofas, homewares, side tables, bedrooms and lighting.

Often clean in design and for want of a better phrase – ‘architectural’ in his projects. The lines, finishes and space often define a strong results aesthetically. For me the projects are contradictory in nature by merging with their natural surroundings whilst also uniquely standing out. A sublime contrast that pleases the eye and demands functionality.

Gracia Studio seeks the completion of their projects with everyday items, applied in unusual manners to give added value only credited by wit.

If you had a spare few acres in the country somewhere Jorge Garcia’s designs and architecture would be a perfect fit.

World wide Gracia Studio are taking on many new projects they are a hard one to engage, but a good choice if you can.

Anthony Spon-Smith

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