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Field Notes - Green with envy

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Green with Envy

Green is a colour I have always been afraid to consider for my home. Until now. Recently I have stumbled across (thanks to endless exploration on Pinterest) a selection of absolutely stunning green interiors that have started to make me think – why have I never considered this colour for my home before?

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I turned to Colour Theorist Annamaria Di Cara to shed some light on this often over-looked colour:

“When I think of the colour green feelings of balance, ease, freshness and vitality come to mind. I associate these feelings with my experiences of being immersed in a forest somewhere in a mountain or sea-side location, away from the chaos and pollution of urban environments.

In my opinion, the most effective application of green in interior living environments is one that reflects the natural quality of the colour green. Muted greens for wall surfaces can be an effective backdrop for rich natural timber and stone materials. No surprise, as mother-nature perfectly combines similar materials into colour combinations from which we are able to take inspiration from.

Light, natural greens with a slight amount of grey work effectively with natural materials. 

In contrast, bright saturated greens (while too garish in my opinion for large expanses of wall surfaces) can work well as one-off furniture pieces, rugs or artwork.

More subtly, a home with large glass walls or windows of course, opens a home to the outside would and creates the opportunity to introduce the calm, balance and stimulation that the colour green evokes.”

I'm not sure I'm ready to take the leap yet.  In the mean time, I'll keep sourcing gorgeous green interiors to keep me inspired.  Here is the start of my collection…

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