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The Making of The Grenade Vase

Jonathan Adler is renowned for making unique homewares and has never shied away from anything too audacious.  The Grenade Vases certainly do not lack in the craftsmanship and detail that Jonathan has become synonymous with since his early days as a potter.

Inspired by the intricate forms locking together of the zipper on his winter coat, Jonathan Adler instantly saw the potential of a zipper-inspired group of pots.  Once the prototypes were complete, it was then Jonathan realised the striking resemblance to a hand grenade and for the first time looked beyond the function to uncover how beautiful they are.

Designed and sculptured by Jonathan and his team in his Soho studio, he worked to create a vocabulary of simple, interlocking shapes that gently grow at the full belly and taper at the neck and foot.  Once his design had been mastered, skilled artisans in Peru create the moulds and handcraft each one out of high-fired stoneware.  Jonathan immediately knew the perfect glaze to finish the pots and worked with his Peruvian workshop to develop a Metallic Oxide Glaze, a satin matte finish with a slight mineral shimmer that perfectly captures the unexpected, menacing beauty of hand grenades.

Three styles are now available at Coco Republic. The perfect vase for fresh blooms or layers of lush foliage in the home.

Caitlan N

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