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Eclectic Chic in Cabarita; Halcyon House

The little surf spot of Cabarita Beach in Northern NSW is not where you’d normally look for an iconic boutique hotel. That being said, Brisbane-based sisters Siobhan and Elisha Bickle and their husbands Adam Flaskas and Dave Wadley fell in love with the popular surf spot, and thought that they would turn a run-down surfers motel into Australia’s newest and finest boutique hotel, the Halcyon House.

Although very chic and unquestionably worthy of the boutique hotel title, Halcyon House certainly stays true to the essence of the coastal town. The hotel isn’t an ultra-modern ostentatious designer establishment; driving up to the hotel you can see the original structure of the former 1960’s surf motel, with its beautiful arches paying homage to the classic style of the era. Its clean white rendered walls create long hallways, which are lined with large ornate lanterns, guiding you to your room.

While the rooms are furnished using luxury designer fabrics, the bold and eclectic style that the hotel’s interior designer Anna Spiro injected into the project creates a fun and inviting elegance. Each room has it’s own individual aesthetic, making it all the more interesting. You can find handpicked antiques, fabric-upholstered walls, and unique artwork sourced from around the globe filling each room with colour, reflecting the energy felt when on a much-needed coastal getaway.

Halcyon House
21 Cypress Crescent, Cabarita Beach NSW

Max Sparrow

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