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Design Focus: The Showstopping Hallway

Hallways are often forgotten when it comes to an interior – but why keep this space bare when it is such a fantastic opportunity to create drama! If you don’t have the luxury of having a foyer in your home, then a hallway usually will act as your main entranceway. This is an amazing chance to create a show-stopping entrance and a great transition into the rest of your home.

Hang your most prized artwork or favourite family photographs in line to create a beautiful gallery space. Highlight each individual piece with lighting to create drama for high-impact. For added energy, try incorporating coloured or printed wallpaper to cover the wall – choose something that will tie in well with the rest of the home to create a cohesive transition between each space.

For an effective, and functional, focal point for the hallway, place a beautiful bench seat close to the entrance for a homely and inviting aesthetic. Decorate the seat with plush cushions and a throw for a comfortable seating option before you head out the door.

You can’t go past an oversized standing floor mirror for an entranceway wow-factor; not only does it look glamorous, but it also reflects light around the space, creating a space that looks larger and brighter. Place a console table or an ottoman in front, adding your favourite décor items to create a gorgeous vignette.

Max Sparrow

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