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Havana Club On Trend

The Havana Club trend feels perfect for this season, not only because it involves so many tactile textures, bold patterns and works so perfectly with the “of the moment” colour green, but because it creates a tangible relaxed, laid-back tropical vibe indicative of all things Cuban.

For me, the most important aspect of this is the mixing of old and new; I believe an interior should always have the best of both. In the SPY Trend pages I produced for Belle Magazine this month, I styled more contemporary pieces (such as the beautiful patterned tiles from Di Lorenzo, and the contemporary wallpaper which looks like tin panels) back with a vintage timber table and an antique hanging lantern, to give the space a sense of history and character.

If you’re looking to recreate this trend, try starting with a muted palette of dusty tones and pair this back with natural materials such as timber, rattan and brass.  Mix new pieces of contemporary art or photography, with vintage or flea market furniture and accessories.  And don’t forget to add in a bold geometric patter or print – making sure you keep them quite neutral though, so the overall colour palate is harmonious.

Here are my inspiration pics, and the finished look from this month’s Belle:

Steve Cordony

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