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Hej Hay: Danish Design from Copenhagen

I’m en route to Paris for Maison et Object via Scandinavia and have found a great brand / store in Copenhagen called Hay.

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I entered the store in central Copenhagen to blazing music and an impressive stairwell mounted to the top floors of the flagship. The store was spatially comfortable for central Copenhagen and bustling with tall trendy Danes making tidy design purchases.

My first purchase was a set of round wall hooks for my apartment’s entrance however I could have picked anything from the Hay homewares collection, especially the Kaleido coloured tray set by Clara Von Zweigbergk.

Hay claims that they operate in the field between architecture and fashion and have an ambition to return Danish design to the greatness of the 1950's & 1960's but in a contemporary context. My vote says they’re definitely on the right track.


Anthony Spon-Smith

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