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Hermes Windows By Christopher Boots

Australia’s favourite lighting designer, Christopher Boots, has leant his vision to the Holiday windows of luxury retailer Hermès, in NYC.  The result?  A crystalline installation of light, colour and texture.

Boot’s iconic crystal designs blend seamlessly into Hermes’ geometric, bold merchandising concepts, to create a visual feast behind the glass.  Tied together with the theme “Metamorphosis” Boot’s crystal light forms add a natural burst of energy to the display, each crystal cluster lit up from within to create an effect reminiscent of snowflakes.

Boots found the concept incredibly inspiring. “Initially, amazing,” he thought. “What a beautiful theme, a poetic concept, that has the possibility of being interpreted in many ways. How do we experience what metamorphosis looks like? A butterfly from a cocoon. A volcano spewing forth liquid rock. A continent shifting, crushing carbon and creating diamonds. My recourse was to look at the classical world. My genetic heritage is all Greek, so it felt natural to ‘talk’ through my history by referencing archetypes, tying this in with the history of Hermès telling the stories that are so human to us all, that make us, us. References to Icarus and Daedalus, Pegasus and Bellerophon were among the initial guiding agencies that defined the interpretation of this theme.”

In a big city flooded with holiday décor, these are windows worth stopping to have a look at.

Beth F

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