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Hidden Treasure; David Bromley's Studio Auction

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Hidden Treasure: David Bromley's Studio Auction

Ok, indulge me for just a minute; imagine that they had been able to pull the Titanic out of the depths of the sea 50 years after it sunk. Now imagine that once it dried out, they opened a section in first class and crammed its various rooms and grand halls with art works so captivating, they appeared almost like real memories of a childhood, faces seen and places been.
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David Bromley, an artist familiar to many, not just within the art world, but the design field at large, opened the doors to his studio for just 4 days only – a rare chance to see not just his talent but the spectacular building his art is home to.

Located at 280 Chapel St in Melbourne, is the heritage listed Prahran Arcade which has been David Bromley’s studio for several years.

This historic and beautiful building is known by the locals as the “Bird Building”, due its balconies being populated by pigeons as well as the signature giant eagle gargoyles perched upon it’s exterior.  Chapel St is home to some of the best buildings in Melbourne and 280 is the absolute crown jewel.

The building has been many things in it’s long life. Built in 1880 as an arcade housing multiple businesses including a hotel, it once featured Turkish baths and for many years its upper levels housed studios for artists including the late Howard Arkley.

The decrepit state of the building only added to its charm and captured my imagination entirely.  Rather than go on though, I’ll let you see for you self…