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Holiday Home With Mr Jason Grant

Open any dictionary and a home is defined as the place where one’s domestic affections are centred. I’m a firm believer that your home is your sanctuary – not only a place of comfort, but a personal reflection of your lifestyle and a haven for your treasures.

For the talented stylist Mr Jason Grant, a home has holiday appeal, relaxed luxury and harmony. Having recently released his second book, Holiday at Home in collaboration with photographer Lauren Bamford, I spoke with him about his approach to creating destination inspired interiors.

What makes a home feel like a holiday sanctuary?

I think creating your very own space is important. Luxury for me at home is all about comfort. Holiday and home are my two favorite things, I think you should always look forward to coming home; it needs to be a place you love.

How do you have to channel a holiday feel away from beachside suburbs?

I think it’s all about the materials and colour palette you use. They don’t need to be too literal but rather soothing and calming. I’m also a big fan of using indoor plants.

What is your go-to colour palette for welcoming, inviting interiors?

Currently I’m loving pale blues and crisp whites with natural materials like tan leather and timber.

What are your top tips for creating relaxing outdoor spaces?

Treat your outdoor space like you would any other room – really it is an outdoor room and it’s perfect for entertaining. Think about lighting, furniture and decoration, it’s the perfect space to have a little fun with colour and be a little quirky. I’m currently loving all things nautical, tropical and striped.

Holiday at Home is inspired by road trips and getting away, any favourite spots to stay around Australia?

The Atlantic at Byron Bay

Paperbark Camp at Jervis Bay

The Park Hyatt Sydney

The Ace Hotel Palm Springs is an overseas favourite

To purchase Holiday at Home by Mr Jason Grant, visit his website.

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