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How To: Style A Home Study

Good design is imperative for maximum productivity in home offices, especially for those increasing number of people opting to work from home.

How do you create a harmonious home study space?

The floorplan is often the hardest thing to get right as its important to create zones for different functions. Floorplans can be trickier than they seem to perfect, especially since multi-functional zones that are flexible in use are becoming more important to office spaces.

It’s important to consider the scale of your furniture pieces, as ensuring your floorplan has adequate space and flow is vital to creating a harmonious working environment.

Eliminate the clutter. Keep your home office suite clean and streamlined for ultimate productivity. Don’t be afraid to spring clean the office more than once a year!

There are endless studies from around the world that suggest that greenery encourages a positive workspace. Why not deck shelves with trailing devil’s ivy or add in resilient succulents? Cluster several together at different heights and mix in with sculptural décor for a luxurious style.

Layered elements for the finishing touches need to be considered just as much as storage, the desk and seating. A beautiful rug completes a home office suite, as does complementary wall art. Lastly, lighting is very important, and must not be neglected.

Ask yourself – who is going to use the office? If multiple people are going to use the space together, ensure there are adequate spaces available to suit the needs of the group.

Study nooks have become increasingly popular in new build homes and apartments. Alternatively, we are seeing more and more attic conversions in established homes. Some furniture items can double as smaller desks, or secretaires, meaning that the workspace can be tidied away when not in use.

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