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Inspirational Interiors: Country Manor

Evoking a sense of romance and nostalgia, a country aesthetic is one that I admire deeply. Combining rustic chic design with beautiful pieces, a modern country manor feels inviting and relaxing – a place to escape to and unwind.

I don’t believe that the country aesthetic belongs solely on a farmland cottage or grand estate far from the ocean. The look can complete a coastal abode or traditional family home within the city limits.

Raw natural textures define this style and often minimalism is thrown out the door. I love the look of shelves lined with collected treasures in a living space or busting with crockery in the kitchen.

Intricate detailing and a respect for the past are distinct within a muted scheme of neutral shades. Rustic and industrial accents add a modern twist to the elegant country manor for refined style with character. Think pendant lights with a beautiful and elegant teak dining table or recycled bathroom cabinetry paired with crisp white tiling and timber panelling.

If an all out rural look is not your thing, try rustic accents like flowering blooms in salvaged metal buckets or watering cans. Add classic nightstands to your bedroom or introduce a beautiful reclaimed timber mirror to your bathroom.

Here is a little inspiration for the week or visit Max Sparrow for classic finds for your home.

Caitlan N