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Field Notes - Choosing an Inspired Outdoor Fabric

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Inspired Outdoor Fabrics for Summer

With the arrival of Summer upon us, it’s time to start making sure our outdoor spaces are as immaculately dressed as our interiors.

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Below, Dean Boone of Distinctive Living Design talks to Field Notes about how to create the perfect Summer setting by making educated fabric choices for your outdoor scheme:

Over the past few years there has been an explosion of choice when it comes to outdoor fabrics. In a country blessed with great weather for outdoor living it makes total sense to incorporate a little bit of luxury outside. A wealth of colours, textures, patterns and finishes can all now be incorporated into your very own secret retreat and imagination is your only limit.

Outdoor fabrics of course have to be durable, washable, UV proof and a host of other considerations to make them suitable for application and for their use outdoors. The good news is all the hard work has been done and all you have to do is choose the colour, texture or pattern to make your outdoor living area sing. All major fabric houses now have great ranges on offer.

When thinking of creating a mood and a setting, don't just limit your use of outdoor fabrics to just cushions. Think of all the options you can explore from custom designed furniture to upholstered furniture and sweeps of outdoor drapery. Create an outdoor living space that is as layered and furnished as any interior room would be. Combine colour and pattern, form and shape much like an interior room but go a step further and give it a little twist. Bold, bright, vibrant and decadent colours and patterns work so very well outside. This is because the natural light is brighter; you are often dealing with big open spaces or a blue and very big background – the sky.

With so much choice available you can now enrich and enliven your outdoor space with as much colour, texture and pattern as you would your indoor space.

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