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Inspired by: Patrick Blanc

Patrick Blanc is definitely one of my favourite designers and has inspired me throughout my career.  Although he did not invent the vertical garden, he is primarily responsible bringing this style of gardening to the fore, around the world.  

Patrick was born on the same day as moi, on June 3rd (but not the same year, he was born in 1953) and just like me, is incredibly passionate about the plant world.  As our cities get bigger, we are surrounded by less and less greenery, and for both us us, vertical gardens have become a welcome answer.  These gardens can turn our cities into urban jungles, improving not only our sense of wellbeing but our physical health as well, by enabling better quality, cooler air in our energy concentrated cities.

When introducing vertical gardens into your design, a large-scale garden can easily overpower architecture and camouflage the structural integrity of the building’s facade.  However, Patrick is an expert in choosing the right plants for his vertical gardens so that both plant and building can co-exist in harmony.

Needless to say, I have been inspired by the way Patrick’s gardens bring tranquility in any space. While it may look complicated, the process is actually very simple and an effective way to add-value to your property. If you are thinking of adding a vertical garden into your own work or home, I would recommend the following plants to use to get the best results;

  • Birds Nest Fern
  • Candelabra Aloe
  • Tree Aloe
  • Croton
  • Fairy Iris
  • Veronica
  • Evergreen Giant
  • Stripy White
  • Spiny-headed Mat rush
  • Brazilian Jasmine
  • Boston Fern
  • Giant Mondo
  • Purple Fountain Grass

And here is a little inspiration for you, from Patrick Blanc’s portfolio:

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Jamie Durie