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Commissioned to provide a full renovation service,
Coco Republic Interior Design transformed The Bureau, Pymble into an innovative co-working space inspired by the design aesthetic of Timothy Oulton, the British furniture and interiors company exclusive to
Coco Republic.

Diana Ribarevski, Head of Design Services at
Coco Republic Interior Design, reflects on her experience designing this space.

Diana Ribarevski: The Bureau, with it’s unrivalled location and unique design offers a fresh approach to co-working spaces. From the outset, we knew that what we were about to create for the Pymble market was something new and exclusive. If you are after an unadventurous and conservative office to suit your business branding, then perhaps choosing The Bureau as your new work address is not for you!

The Bureau, Pymble was a fabulous project to work on. From the moment we met the project team, our designers were fully engaged and immersed in this exciting new project. Every designer enjoys working with a strong concept and seeing the early, sketchy ideas come to fruition; this project allowed us to do exactly that, due to our client’s vivid commitment to creating The Bureau.

We have seen a variety of work share spaces come onto the market over the last couple of years. What we liked about The Bureau’s concept was that the project team wanted to design a home away from home experience. Their approach was based around the fact that most of us spend as much time at work as we do at home, so our work environment should offer that same luxuries and creature comforts as our homes. That meant no generic or boring office furniture that can be found on the market! They saw this as an opportunity to create a space that would increase productivity, innovation, and collaboration through inspired and unrivalled design.

The Bureau is an opportunity for small business to also put their best foot forward. It offers its tenants the opportunity to impress their clients and to present their business as a quality, established operation working in a beautiful environment. If you want your clients to be impressed by your business, then conducting a meeting in the sophisticated yet comfortable communal space at The Bureau will give you the opportunity to impress and delight!

The Bureau was a full renovation project. We started the design process by looking at the existing floor plan and analysing the use of each space; we had a clear brief to ensure we made allowances for each service and function they wanted to offer their tenants, whilst ensuring that we had a variety of different sized suites to accommodate different sized companies and businesses.

The suites were designed to be as individual as those that choose to rent them. Each suite has a unique floor plan offering an array of varied working spaces from an individual space, a private executive office, or an office space for a number of team members.

It was very important to us to ensure that all of the spaces – including the communal space, brainstorming rooms and staff amenities such as the bathroom and shower facilities – were spacious and luxurious. It was key to the Coco Republic design team to create an interior that would inspire productivity and give those sharing the space a sense of community.

The inspiration behind the overarching design aesthetic came from one of our exclusive international designer brands, Timothy Oulton, a British furniture and interiors company known for its distinctive leather finishes and unique designs.

Driven by a passion of traditional craftsmanship and a fearless quest for innovation, each Timothy Oulton piece is inspired by the past but reconceived from a modern perspective. The Drum Lamp Table (below) used in this project is a perfect example of this. Tim took inspiration from his father’s military background and crafted a piece that is quirky and full of personality. The regimental aesthetic takes cues from the legend of a drummer boy who served with the British Army’s 77th Regiment of Foot. By basing our design on Timothy Oulton’s aesthetic gave us the opportunity to add English elegance to a dynamic work space.

The finishes and fixtures along with the colour scheme were based upon Timothy Oulton’s brand aesthetic; we took cues from classic colour schemes one might find in London-based law firms from the Georgian period. We adapted this colour scheme by adding a touch of teal to the traditional navy so to lighten the mood and evoke femininity. We added panelling to the bottom section of the walls to add a sophisticated feel of drama and luxury.

The black marble in the bar area takes its inspiration from a high-end New York-based speakeasy from the 1920s. Its complemented by the antique mirror whose signature curves from the art deco period offer depth, mood and atmosphere.

With wide format solid timber flooring throughout the hallway and communal spaces, and luxurious textures such as, leather, timber, mohair and marble and brass surfaces, The Bureau feels dependable and self-assured from the moment you step through the oversized solid timber door.

Bathrooms are often looked at as purely utilitarians spaces in commercial office environments, however we felt it was an opportunity to have some fun. We ran the theme of an era gone by throughout the wet areas, adding pops of green to add visual interest. The black iron hardware and brass tapware added warmth to the scheme.

The main communal space of The Bureau was designed not only for the tenants to enjoy, but also to enable them to entertain their clients. In this space you will feel like you are in the latest restaurant or bar in downtown Manhattan, or in the streets of Soho in London’s West End.

The furniture was carefully selected to provide a comfortable and welcoming space that was both sophisticated, luxurious and practical. The materials of the furniture pieces were key to the design aesthetic and success of the space. They included authentic raw timbers, soft leathers, daring mohairs and luxurious velvets, all creating the uncompromising, incomparable and inspiring workspace that is The Bureau.

View Timothy Oulton’s furniture here.

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