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Interiors Inspiration: The Converted Warehouse

Converted warehouses are among the most sought after properties at the moment. Appreciated for their high ceilings and raw character, they are the perfect foundation for a contemporary interior.

I’m a big fan of a warehouse conversion, having previously lived in a refurbished inner city Chocolate Factory. I loved the large lofty windows letting in the natural light and the way the space invited the use of texture against the vast white walls.

Warehouse interiors are versatile and it’s simple to add your own personal style. Working with raw accents like exposed brick or timber beams, a neutral palette complements the industrial edge. A minimalist scheme enhances the striking architectural design features whilst retaining a sense of the building’s original form and personality.

Often these spaces feel open and cold but I love the combination of warm metallics and timber to create an inviting interior. The aesthetic of the converted warehouse or loft suits the influx of Scandinavian trends – one of my favourite styles right now. Accessorise and layer with statement artwork, accent pendant lights and innovative décor to enrich the industrial feel.

See below some of my top picks for inspiration for a converted warehouse interior.


Caitlan N

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