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It’s Hard Choosing Hardware

One thing I don’t count myself an expert on is choosing architectural hardware.  However, I do understand that choosing the right hardware can make or break an interior design.   Whether it’s looking for something beautiful to stand out or something to do exactly the opposite, I’ve turned architectural hardware merchants Mother of Pearl & Sons for a little advice:

What is it you do at Mother of Pearl & Sons? 

We are hardware merchants specialising in door furniture and source and design unique products for the discerning. More specifically, we research products to suit a concept, create products that solve a problem and keep to a design brief specified by the client.

We have sought out manufacturers from around the world who produce high quality and interesting ranges. Our big strength is our passion for the history of hardware in design and our satisfaction in knowing we offer extraordinary design and remarkable engineered products.

What is your advice to someone renovating or looking for new hardware?

Ultimately, architectural hardware is an investment – invest wisely and you will profit! You will enjoy your space more and know that if you are selling down the track, great hardware will be strong feature.

Hardware is the detail, the accent of a design project. If there has been no planning or enough budget allocated, the overall concept can be greatly compromised in terms of being practical usage or design.

What should you look for when shopping around?

Some design requires the hardware to feature and create impact, but just as importantly, with some projects you don't want to know it is there. Great hardware should also function seamlessly and stand up to punishment. Make sure you fit products that will stand up to the extreme conditions of your home – like ocean front property or young active families.

What trends do you see in the industry for 2013?

We are continuing to work on the demand for texture and organic materials. Copper, fine wood like ebony, seashell, horn, glass and finishes like nickel and aged bronze and brass, rusted and waxed irons are all popular at the moment. I think the demand will be for decorative on the one hand and organic simplicity on the other. I also believe that the value of allowing more consideration on great hardware will continue. 

Looking for more information?  Check out some of the gorgeous hardware products available at Mother of Pearl & Sons below or visit their website.

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