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Just Frame It; the Art of the Picture Wall

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Just Frame It: The Art of the Picture Wall

In every home there’s that one perplexing plain wall – above a couch, in a hallway, on the staircase.  It’s tricky to know where to start with it, whether to invest on in a large print or artwork, two smaller side by side, a great big light to dangle in front of it?
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Here is your answer (when in doubt): A glorious cluster of picture frames to add instant personality and dimension to your lacking space. Without needing to commit to any one look, the picture wall can incorporate all your favourite photographs, prints, sketches, or paintings. There need be no rhyme or reason, simple choose an eclectic selection of frames and space them accordingly.

I know when I go to create my own picture wall, I’ll be using temporary hooks – so that I can add, subtract and change my pictures as the seasons change and as my collection grows.

Frame wise, there are two approaches: There’s the eccentric mixed frame look, where a vintage gold gilded frame can sit comfortably with a sleek wooden frame. Various sizes and shapes are key to making this look work really well.

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Or alternatively, if your home is contemporary or needs more structure, go for even-sized, identical frames. These should be hung with even spacing and the frame content should be cohesive.

One of my all time favourite picture walls belongs to the home of Federico De Vera in New York. I love this masculine, yet eclectic space as it perfectly balances classic design with contemporary art.

Below are some inspirational examples of beautiful picture walls  – to start you thinking about the kind of wall you might like to create at home:


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